Charles county commissioner, District III 

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"One Charles County"...where you live, work, and play"

-By the Authority of Elect Amanda Stewart, Collen Longhi, Treasurer

Amanda Stewart

First Term Accomplishments
2014 - 2018 

An Overview - Update in Progress (5.18.18)

School Renovations -



NEW Waldorf Senior and Recreational Center: A recreational center for all ages

  1. Estimated grand opening Fall 2019

AAA Bond Rating

  1. First Time in county history

Step Increases for Teachers

Funded Additional EMS Personnel Positions

Funded Western Parkway Phase 2 and 3

Set Sustainable Growth Policies

Reduction in New Homes in St. Charles      by 6000

  1. Partnership with Lennar Homes

Charles County Public Mobile Library

Goals as County Commissioner

Schools: Aging Buildings and Overcrowding     

  • Support adequate public facilities policies that result in proper support and funding for the construction and operation of new schools

  • Work with the board of education to lobby the Maryland Legislature to support our schools system 

  • Support the improvement of our aging schools.​“Great schools start with great teachers, but they also include better facilities that provide students with surroundings conducive to learning,” said Interim State Superintendent of Schools Bernard Sadusky. (2012)

  • Support the funding of research based professional development for teachers
  • Support an enhanced communication system between parents/students and Charles County Public Schools. Survey parents and students regarding the educational program
  • Support the coordination of educational and social service programs through collaborative partnerships; Full Service Community School Act

Economy and Jobs

  • Balance residential development with commercial development

  • Support and build an robust business marketing/recruitment plan to bring jobs into the county

  • Targeted tax incentives to stimulate economic growth and to create employment opportunities
  • Tax incentives based on capital investments and job creation
  • Seek employers that offer high paying salaries with benefits
  • Increase/improve our telecommute infrastructure

Collaborative Government

  • Common Sense Leadership Approach

  • Proper protocol and etiquette at all times

  • Professional interactions

  • ​Effective communication

  • Team Player Approach; supportive environment
  • Support an Excellent Customer Service Approach

Smart Growth 

  • Define our future. Our future should not define us

  • ​Support environmentally friendly practices in land development, construction, and operation

  • Open space preservation helps communities grow smart, preventing the higher costs of unplanned development

  • Manage physical growth and plan communities

Recreation, Health, and Knowledge

  • Maintain and improve county parks and recreational areas; Provide the best leisure and recreational experiences in the state

  • Build community relationships; promote a sense of pride in the community

  • Protect and steward natural, cultural and historic resources

  • Maintain top quality athletic facilities for community 

  • Open a safe low/no cost youth recreational center (similar to a YMCA)

             - Focus on youth development, social responsibility, and healthy living 

  • Support a community of young swimmers; water safety for ALL children 

  • Support Charles County Public Library System