​2014 - current

1. School Renovations - Dr. Samuel Mudd Elementary (Complete renovation), Jenifer Elementary (additional Kindergarten Classrooms, and Berry Elementary Schools (ADDITIONAL KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOMS); Benjamin Stoddart (GYM)

2.  College of Southern Maryland
 - Started scholarship program for students pursing a career in trades

3. A Recreational Center for all Ages - 
The NEW Waldorf Senior and Recreational Center (opening 2018)

Roads Improvement Funding to complete the Western Parkway -Phase 2 and 3

Public Schools and Safety - Increased funding for Board of Education and Sheriff's office

Teacher Pay - Merit increases for teachers

Less Homes in St. Charles - Reduction in number of future homes in St. Charles by 6000

Food on WheelsApproved Food Trucks

Collective Bargaining - Established Collective Bargaining for law enforcement & correctional officers

Our Health - Established a medical and Dental Clinic in Nanjemoy

-By the Authority of Elect Amanda Stewart, Collen Longhi, Treasurer

"One Charles County"...where you live, work, and play"

Copyright © Amanda Stewart.

Amanda Stewart

Charles county commissioner, District III